"Mike" the Movie Man

If you say NO to any of these... you don't know what you're missing!

The NEXT Generation of Voyeurism has Arived!
Have you ever look through your Neighbors Livingroom Window at Night and wonder if they are really watching the News?
How about into your neigbhors Bedroom window when she's getting FUCKED in bed?

We LOVE NightVision!

Better yet .. How about punching a small hole in a wall looking into a Hotel Room Next to yours? Did you ever wonder what those Sales Girls do when they are out of Town?
BOY!  Do we have a treat for you :)
You are about to meet couple of guys that have become the
KINGS of the Peeping Toms!

Me and my buddy have found the perfect way to bring peoples private lives
right into your Life!  We have the best Night Vision equipment, Security Surveillance Cams,
and all the right tools to cut our way into a wall to capture those "special" moments we ALL dream about!

No phony, staged shit here folks! This is the REAL FUCKING THING!
Voyeurism at it Absolute FINEST!

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